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Are you ready to bring your voice into the world, and showcase HOW you can help your soulmate clients?

Embark on an adventure with a network of uniquely brilliant purpose-driven coaches to discover aligned, exciting, and practical ways to clarify your message, so that you can make a difference with magnetic content that resonates, builds the trust factor, and activates the right clients into movement.

Why attracting aligned clients isn't about getting on more sales calls, or adopting another marketing tactic...

Before you spend another dime on marketing programs, launch & sales strategies, perfecting your funnels, and outsourcing your content & branding visuals to social media agencies… 

Pay attention to what I’m about to reveal to you because this is one of the most foundational skill you’ll ever master in your business journey…

And, if you don’t get this right now, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours later. 

You see, you’ve been told that, as a coach, you need to be adding value and marketing your services in your content, so that amp up your “know, life, and trust” factor.

But what does “adding value” actually mean?

To figure this out, you’re told different things that pull in you a million-and-one directions…

…Only to feel frustrated with a lack of clarity:

“Do I have to give away all of my best content for free to be adding value, with nothing left to charge for?”

“And, even if I’m teaching a lot in my content to add value, how do I not appear static & impersonal, in order to retain a deep connection with my audience?”

“But I don’t wanna be in the friendzone either! How do I stop attracting people who just want to be ‘saved’? I don’t wanna be solving all of their relationship or anxiety problems – I want clients who are empowered and led by their own vision!”

Here’s the thing:

Where most people think they lack trance-like persuasive skills, or an ‘Expert’ persona, or slick ‘clickbait’ techniques… what they’re missing is the CRUCIAL step that comes before anything else

That is… the way you clearly communicate the value of what you do.

Without this, your ideal clients will remain “window shoppers” and you’ll find yourself having to tirelessly convince them and ‘overcome their objections’ EVEN IF you are practically giving away your best advice for free.

Without this, it will always feel like an uphill battle, trying to get them to see the value in your work & passion. Argh! Ain’t it obvious that this work is important and can change their lives? Why don’t they just get it?!

(Plus, think about it: what was your last argument with someone a result of? That’s right – hazy communication.)

And charging what feels truly aligned with the depth and transformative value of your work will often be met with “I cannot afford it” or “I don’t know”…

…or worse:

“Can I get insurance coverage if I say ‘yes’ to you?”

*GASP!* (Because you ain’t a run-off-the-mill therapist – you’re a coach! Do they not see that?!)

To Attract and Convert Aligned Clients Effortlessly, You Need Aligned Marketing That Turns Your Followers into Not-So-Secret Fans into Clients...

But there's a problem:

Your message is so unfocused you cannot say what it is about

You have a lot of ideas in your head, but you don't know how to put them together without creating confusion in your image. You may even have a vision board of your Instagram page, but you're not seeing though to it.

You aren't clear about your unique contribution & gifts

So you end up wanting to “help” everyone by being relatable to all, even if the people you try to help aren’t an ideal fit for your transformative gifts.

Inauthentic marketing dulls your natural magnetism

You've invested in marketing programs and maybe even hired a social media manager, but all you've been told is to 'agitate' your ideal client's pain points and speak from that POV. It doesn't feel good.

You question yourself and what you have to offer

You've been through the experience of spending hours a week churning out content only to see a lack of 'ROI' even if you're doing your best by adding a lot of value. You ask yourself, “is it even that difficult? What’s holding you back? Is my vision board not good or efficient enough?" (heck! your entire IG feed could be a $10k course!)

You feel under appreciated

You've attempted to share your stories of trials & tribulations in your content to connect with your audience, but it felt like you're writing journal entries and not marketing your service. Instead of standing out, you feel invisible, which hides your deep knowledge, experiences, & expertise, and perpetuating the nagging feeling of not being listened to, received, and valued.

You don't know what your ideal client needs to hear

If you could wave a magic wand to reveal your ideal clients' concerns on a deeper level, you no longer would have to struggle with figuring out what they need to hear right now.

What if I told you that the only thing between you and your soulmate clients is the words you say to capture their attention…

…And all you need to do is to articulate the value of what you do in a way that is aligned with your energetic blueprint?

Just imagine...

You're connecting deeply with your audience through your content

Gone are the days that content creation equals running on the dreadful 'hamster wheel.' On top of all things, you feel excited & relieved by your ability to create content that feels like a fun, empowering conversation with your soulmate clients!

You feel purposeful and spontaneously playful with your content

You are clear on a specific kind of person whom you can confidently write content for, so that you feel listened to and recognized for your incredible intuitive gifts, knowledge, and wisdom, while receiving appreciation for the space, heart, and encouragement you provide.

Receiving DMs like "Do you do 1:1?" becomes effortless

You are confident in your ability to replicate the process of creating content that builds demand for your paid service, because you have a system that works for you.

You're clear about your Unique Contribution & Gifts

You have clarity around your core message and how to communicate the value of your gifts in a way that lands with them, making you and your thriving platform stand out radiantly from the sea of other coaches in the same niche as you.

You're making a difference in your soulmate clients' lives!

Your content is a potent & inspiring transmission of your unique individuality, which gives voice to possibilities for others in an empowering direction. You show others what is possible for them even when they do not believe in themselves.

Your words & content feel like medicine to their souls

You understand their challenges & desires on a deeper level like no other. And, each time you hit publish, your soulmate clients cannot help but visit your profile to check for any updates from you that they might have missed!

It's Time to Say Goodbye To Unclear, Ineffective Messaging That Hides All of Your Gifts & Talent

And Hello to The 3 Pillars That Will Make You Magnetic & Irresistible to The People Whose Lives You’re Destined to Transform

When you're unclear about what makes you different, you burn out trying to “help” everyone, even if they do not see the value of your transformative gifts. Applying your energetic blueprint (aka your Human Design) creates simplicity around your messaging, which leads to ease with receiving invitations & opportunities.

Traditional content marketers tell you to keep providing 'value,' implying that if all you do is teach your topic for free (like a textbook), clients inevitably flock to you. This is couldn't be further from the truth. In Attractors by Design, you'll discover how to use the Messaging Hierarchy to strategically create content that nurtures awareness, so that your paid offers are in demand.

All practical strategy and energetics (Human Design) will only get you so far. What I will reveal to you is possibly the most important piece of the puzzle which has forever changed the way my content resonates with my ideal clients. When you master this coupled with strategic content creation and embodiment of your Human Design, you end up skyrocketing your magnetism and turning your loyal following into secret fans who cannot wait to work with you!


The Mastermind-Style Membership Community Where You Unlock Your Unique Brilliance, and Make a Difference with Magnetic Content that Turns Your Followers into Secret Fans Who Slide into Your DMs with "I'm open to hearing what you have to offer!"

To help you master & embody the 3 pillars of magnetism...

Here's what's intentionally curated to support you:

Interactive curriculum

This isn't your standard course that 'talks at you,' where you get the information but do not have the strategies to apply them.

Participate in mini challenges and show up on the live implementation calls as a way to get your content creation momentum on! You can expect fun challenges like "From Knowledge to Content" Challenge, "Make Your Feed Shine" Challenge, "Build The Freebie of Your Dreams" Challenge, "Create Content That Resonates" Challenge, "Create Your Unique Methodology" Challenge, etc.

Group Accountability

Always wanted to be in the vibes of group motivation and tribal energy, and where content creation feels like a fun game you're playing with friends?

This is the perfect place for you to be in! Because not only do you get to post your action plan in the tribe to stay accountable and share your progress to fuel yourself & others....

...this is one of the very few communities that you get to collaborate with one other, so that you open up channels for more visibility.

Human Design x Magnetic Content Masterclasses

Know your Human Design type and profile, but don't know how to create content that aligns with your energetic blueprint?

Here's where you get the practical breakdown of what kinds of content would magnetize your ideal audience, whether you're a 1/3, 4/6, 5/1, 3/5, etc!

Plus, you'll discover how to leverage your 9 centers in your bodygraph to create content that makes you look like an alchemist because you're so tapped into your zone of genius!

Never been Released Before Trainings

I don't hold back. My clients know this. Once you're in my world, be prepared to feel so dang supported with the resources I gift to you.

What this means is I'll be sharing my best-kept secrets from 7-8 years of learning marketing & copywriting (including everything I'm learning as I grow), so that you can collapse time with no-fluff action steps.

You'll not find this anywhere else in a membership that honors both energetics & strategy.

Behind-the-scenes access pass

Get into my close friends' list where not only you'll get the front-row seat to all the juicy strategies & know-how for implementation, but you'll also be invited into an open conversation about the self-inflicted pressures, the deep inner work, and the responsibility of holding space for clients, so that you're aware of the processing skills you need to navigate your journey.

This is what creators & coaches don't share on their highlight reel because it isn't 'on brand.'

Content Breakdown of Category Leaders

This is where I 'nerd out' and show you what's working in the market in a detailed way + pull back the curtain on my top converting posts, so that you not only know what works, but WHY (the psychology & science) it works.

Implement them and get ahead of the game before everyone else follows suit. Model & deploy the principles in your content for quantum leaps!

My best tools

As a Projector, I am all for automating lead generation & market research! I'll be showing you my best tools that help me automate this, and more, for productivity.

Automatic Access to Paid Resources

You'll get access to all paid resources – present & future – that the general public wold have to pay for, as long as you remain a member in good standing!

Implementation Magic

Come with confusion, leave with clarity. Bring your questions to the group, and I'll answer them while offering you awareness exercises to reflect on your message & communication style, so you get unstuck and move with inspired action! This is to provide you with extra support for accountability, inspiration, and progress!

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  • Human Design x Magnetic Content Masterclasses
  • Never-Been-Released-Before Trainings
  • Behind-The-Scene Access Pass
  • Content Breakdown of Category Leaders
  • My Best Tools for Automation
  • Access to All Paid Resources (Present & Future)
  • Implementation Magic – Q&A
  • $394 off the investment

*P.S. If you choose the monthly option, please note that it is a rolling monthly membership of $197 per month. Due to the nature of the community and the content, when members join they are committing to a minimum of 6 months in Attractors by Design. There’s a $200 cancellation fee for contracts broken before the 6 month mark. After that, there’s no cost to cancel. 

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