Are you on the cusp of an era where your message is finally heard by your fractal clients and your soul work inspires a 180 in their lives... but you're missing the clarity & confidence in your you-nique voice or contribution?

​Book a 1:1 Brand Message by Design Reading

and discover how you can showcase and express your brilliance through eye-catching content that evokes & inspires ✨

The Investment: $350 usd*

Book a 1:1 Brand Message by Design Reading 🌎

Does it feel like you’ve been modelling someone else’s brand strategy and… all you feel is resistance no matter how you try to talk yourself into following the ‘rules’? You end up second-guessing your ability & energetic capacity to show up authentically for your brand. Because of this, you spiral in a bucketload of questions when you don’t feel as passionate & confident as Coach Susie when selling a similar offer. You know there’s ‘energetic misalignment’ between how you’re designed to express yourself and what you’ve been told is the holy grail way to promote your life-changing work. There’s deeper knowing in you that how you’re meant to express yourself, create innovative content, & make an impressionable difference is… non-conformative. But how does being off beat actually work for you? You desire clarity & confidence on how to apply your uniqueness, magnetism, & highly-expressive Self to your brand with practical action steps.

Perfect for: Any brand owner (new or established) who desires to align their offers, content marketing, or brand messaging strategy with their Unique Expression Blueprint, so that marketing & creation become a by-product of embodying their highly expressive Self!

How it works:

Step 1

Purchase a Reading Today

Confirm your session by making a purchase for a reading. Click the button below to book a reading now, so we can proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Let Me Get To Know You!

I, Clarice, will be in touch with you (email, text message, and/or DM) with a short questionnaire to gain insight into your situation & vision, for the preliminary work I do before each session (so we can hit the ground running as soon as we’re together).

Step 3

Show Up to The Session

Come with an open mind, and leave with your heart activated to set forth on your quest to creating a brand that aligns with your Unique Expression Blueprint.

The Deliverables:

Please Note: Your investment isn’t just a “chit chat.” It does include me studying your chart & doing prep work before our call together (so you get the most laser-focused guidance). You will also receive a recording of our session together, if done over zoom.

*The investment for this reading is $350 usd. But, if you decide to proceed with a 1:1 Strategy Session following your reading to dive deeper into a specific aspect of the business, brand, and content marketing trifecta, $175 (half of your reading investment) will be credited off your 1:1 Strategy Session.