Are you a hidden gem ready to be discovered?

What If You Could Share Your Voice & Heart To Attract An Audience Who's Solidly Connected To Your Vision, and Create Magnetic Content That Converts...

...Without Wasting Your Energy on Convincing Prospects to See The Value Of Your Work?

Raise your hand if...

You question whether you're connecting with the right audience

You have yet to identify a clearly defined customer or understand their specific challenges on a deeper level. Defining your niche feels impossible, restrictive, or overwhelming. Yet, you want someone specific to connect deeply with, which gives you purpose to create content with your heart & soul.

You're spending a lot of time on content that isn't engaging, informative, and shareable

Content creation feels overwhelming, constraining, and difficult, rather than a by-product of your Zone of Genius. You question yourself... “is it even that difficult? What’s holding you back? Is my vision board not good or efficient enough?” Not only do you want your content to be liked, saved, and shared, but you also want to create result-yielding & self-expressed content that garners inquiries.

You fear appearing 'random.' Yet, you yearn to be bold in expressing your unique perspective

You feel the need to show up and share your heart and personal stories, but what holds your most powerful voice hostage is the obstacle of not knowing exactly what to say, when to say it, or how to say it, so that people are drawn to your magnetism and easily recognize the value of your brilliantly innovative idaas, work, and service.

You're not sure how to stand out, and be seen as being uniquely qualified to guide them

One of your challenges is delivering your insights in a way that’s helpful for your ideal clients, yet empowering. You know you are skilled & knowledgeable, and you want to showcase your gifts in an impressionable & electrifying way through your content, so that you're not spending an inordinate amount of energy trying to convince people to work with you.

Well, that's about to change.

In my 178-page formula, you get the step-by-step process that has allowed me to confidently create AND replicate content that generates the kind of engagement below… content that goes beyond just likes, shares, and saves… 

What if you could have comments on your social media posts that go from...

“Holy shit. This post was literally life changing for me in this moment”… applications for your 1:1 coaching that specifically tell you this...

...and it's all because of how your unique content speaks directly to their hearts?

What if you could receive the same kind of appreciation for the space, heart, and encouragement you hold for them... even if all you know about creating content is pairing an inspirational caption with a selfie, or hiring a social media manager who cannot replicate your authentic expression?

Spoiler alert: you totally can.

In the formula, you get to uncover the exact post that literally took me from writing journal-entry-esque content, as a way to hide my authentic expression, “ to courageously owning my voice through content that became powerfully effective in communicating my message and giving people a taste of the transformative value of working with me… in ONE day.


By leveraging my natural magnetism as a Human Design Projector.

Now, you can take the guesswork out of content creation with the Magnetic Content Formula.

Get ready to also download and discover...

The Magnetic Content Formula

The Step-by-Step Process To Go From Hearing Crickets To Creating Compelling Content on Social Media

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