FREE 3-Day Challenge To Turn 1 Content Idea into 5 "Wow That Hits Home" Posts


Do you wonder what to post... and come up blank?

What If You Could Come Up With Multiple "WOW That Really Lands" Posts From Just ONE Content Idea...

...Without Constantly Wrecking Your Brain To Figure Out What Your Soulmate Clients Need To Hear Right Now?

Raise your hand if...

You struggle with being able to identify your audience's challenges

You struggle with having a deeper understanding of them. Writing what you want to express to them in an engaging, informative, and shareable way feels difficult. And you feel like you constantly blank out on great content ideas because you don't know what they need to hear.

You're been battling with what content to offer for free and what to charge for

Content creation feels overwhelming, and constraining, rather than a by-product of your expertise. Not only do you want your content to be liked, saved, and shared, but you also want to create traction-yielding content that garners genuine interest (not the friend-zoned kind).

You're ready to get out there with your knowledge and inspiration

If you don’t get visible, how will others know who you are and what you can solve for them? You are ready to share your message, so that that people easily recognize the value of your brilliant insights, work, and service. The thing is... content ideas and inspiration don't flow consistently.

You're not sure how to stand out, and be seen as being uniquely qualified to guide them

You know you are a skilled & knowledgeable coach, but your biggest challenge is in delivering your insights in a way that’s helpful for your soulmate clients. You're ready to go from writing journal entries to marketing your service, without feeling sleazy about it!

Well, that's about to change.

In this 3-day challenge, you’ll be given the step-by-step ACTIONABLE process to go from being in the vicious cycle of spending 6 long hours writing forgettable content that people scroll past and returning to a state of “I don’t know what to write”

…to confidently creating content that actually garners intrigue…

…so much so they’re watching your IG stories closely out of fascination and with an invitation for you to pitch something!

Content can be wonderfully healing. If done well.

And, while I said you could spin 5 posts out of 1 content idea (which you’ll discover in the 3-day challenge), you could easily go beyond 5 with deep content that elicits comments like this…

…even as a transformational coach who works with the ‘intangibles,’ like shadow work, inner child healing, mindset work, and transformational coaching.

What if you could have comments on your social media posts that go from...

“Holy shit. This post was literally life changing for me in this moment”… applications for your 1:1 coaching that specifically tell you this...

...and it's all because of how your content speaks directly to their hearts?

Now, you can take the guesswork out of
“What do I post today? What else is new to share?” 
with The Content Spinner Challenge.

The Content Spinner Challenge is For You if You're A Coach Who Offers Services Like...

Shadow Work, Deconditioning, Inner Work, Mindset Work, Hypnotherapy, and Breathwork…

And You're Ready To Discover...

There will be no replays

This is not something that you opt in for... And then “hopefully you’ll get around to watching it later." This is a LIVE event that's actionable and practical... and it's happening for 3 DAYS at these different time zones...

That means you need to block out the time… And come prepared to learn and implement!

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