The 3-Day Challenge for Creatives to Thrive in Network Marketing

Design Your Downline of Your Dreams to Create A “Discovery Journey” in Your Network Marketing Biz…
 …So You Stay in The Creative Zone, Without Sacrificing Your Soul’s Passion.
In Just 3 Focused Days.
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So, You’re Curious About Venturing Into Network Marketing…

But Somehow The 90’s Way Of Building Your Downline, Face-To-Face, Doesn’t Sit Right With You.

(Was That Too Bold… Or Is It Time to Shake Up The Network Marketing Paradigm?)

Few Things Deflate Visionary, Innovative, & Creative Network Marketers Faster Than The Constant Rejection From Adopting A Prospecting Formula That Doesn’t Respect Their Creative Lifeforce Energy…

How Would You Like My Help Designing The Downline of Your Dreams?

It’s Called AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS, The 3-Day Challenge for Creative Entrepreneurs to Thrive in Network Marketing, and Inside I’ll Help You Create Your Discovery Journey Which Allows You to Build Your Network Marketing Business, While Staying in Your Creative Zone, Without Draining Your Soul’s Passion.

From the desk of Clarice Leong:

You’ve heard people boasting how network marketing helps them generate passive income part time…

You’re already open to business opportunities… While you’re creative, you also have the strategic brain of an entrepreneur.

And that’s why you’re here!

But, as a creative, you feel doubtful about how you’re going to thrive in your network marketing business.

After all, the people who boast about the benefits of network marketing have either a ‘dude-ish’ or a ‘corporate-y’ voice… 

…or you personally know someone who’s running it in a way that you can’t see how you can do it alongside your current creative business, without sacrificing your white space in your calendar (which is sooo necessary for your most innovative & creative ideas to emerge).

…or maybe everyone who has succeeded in network marketing promotes “earning more = hustling more.” 

Sure, a fantastic compensation plan allows you to build your earnings passively, in a way that compounds your efforts. 

But let’s face it – finding your dream downline isn’t always a walk in a park – rejections are so common that sometimes it feels like when you finally secure a great downline, you’ve just hit the jackpot! 

But how am I going to ‘repeat’ that with more surety, and without burning myself out?

Yet, you’re not the kind who easily throws in the towel. 

Once you’ve made a decision to be in, you’re determined to make it work. 

You see the potential of the business – knowing that running your network marketing business the most efficient way will upgrade the wealth identity of your parents, your children, and the people (and their parents & children) across the interwebz whom you get to impact, with an additional source of income that can change the trajectory of their lives.

If you’re like me (whose true passion & purpose lies not in the mainstream philosophy of the network marketing inudstry, but in harnessing & amplifying your creative energy in your life’s work),  then “earning=hustling all day err day” is NOT what you want with your second business!

If everything I’ve said here resonates deeply with you, it’s because I’ve been through it…

Hi, I’m Clarice.

I’m a network marketer and a guide for creative entrepreneurs to align their brand strategy with their unique energetic makeup (aka their Human Design), so they feel 10/10 about delivering their genius to the world.

In February of 2023, a fateful turn in the trajectory of my 12-year relationship with my ex-fiancé led me to saying “yes” to a 180° change in my life. I wanted a fresh start, new opportunities. I wanted to rebel against my old life, and I decided to join an amazing network marketing company that I 100% trust. I was ready for CHANGE.

I was excited. The decision I made got my out of my comfort zone. I had to learn networking skills that I never had to master previously, as an introverted solopreneur whose main mode of work was the internet, but necessary for my holistic development. (Creators need to live full lives.) 
I LOVE every moment of my entrepreneurial journey.

However, as I got more involved in my network marketing journey, where I filled my schedule with meetups & prospecting, I realized that I was beginning to put my creativity (and my zone of genius) in the backburner. 


I also put back the weight I lost, suddenly & inexplicably.


I was becoming less innovative, lacked ideas, and I looked towards the leaderboard to ‘correct’ my marketing message by targeting the ‘most common’ group of people (with the ‘most common’ struggles) whom I felt little resonance with. It was my first time in network marketing, and I wanted to do it ‘right.’

Even though I felt disconnected from the lifeforce energy of the Creative/Artist/Innovator within me, the Excecutor & Rebel in me remained stubborn. I didn’t want to have to choose between becoming a successful network marketer and a Creative with her unique path

…Yes, I get to be DIFFERENT.

I get to be that true blue Creative with her successful network marketing business that makes a difference in the world!

So, this means I needed a smart strategy for my network marketing business that fully honors the Creative in me.
This strategy must allow me to:

✅ create a ‘lead generating machine’ (without me being the machine)

determine the quality/readiness of my prospects for joining my downline (without wasting time, energy, and money on coffee/dinner dates only to be left feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted from the lack of ‘ROI’)

align the message of my network marketing business with my brand message (so there’s no ‘shapeshifting’ between my network marketer voice and my creative personality). This is what sparks authenticity – congruency between who you are & your outer expression

provide incredible value to my to dream downline, without me sacrificing more of my time & energy to do so, through what I call ‘educonnection’ (education that connects)

👉What would it actually be like to have a PROCESS that checks off all of the above, so that your creative zone is protected, and you get to THRIVE and amplify your magnetism as an Innovator/Artist/Creator?

In these 3 days, not only will you discover the process for thriving in your network marketing biz as a creative…

…you’ll also walk away with strategies & concepts that you can apply in your current creative business as well 😊


Get ready to discover...

What the recent 'shift' in online business means for you as an innovative or artistic entrepreneur, and why this is a MASSIVE advantage for you.

How to integrate your network marketing business as part of your authentic personal brand, so that your voice remains consistent, without tirelessly 'shapeshifting' between your current creative business and your network marketing business.

The principles in this session will be the cornerstone that guides your investments / channeling of resources (finances, time, and energy)... you end the pattern of spreading yourself thin, regurgitating the message of your upline/mentor (which will never fully land with your network/audience), over giving, and under receiving... ultimately causing you to underperform and overcompensate because you're focusing more on the outcome of "converting prospects" (and babysitting them after they've joined) than on the process of creation within your zone of genius.

$497 VALUE


In 99% of the network marketing industry, your upline will tell you to prospect your friends & family, or be actively meeting new people (or calling up that friend you've not seen for 10 years to tell them about your new opportunity). *thinking of all the dinners and coffee meetups that amounted to nothing*

I'm not knocking this method. It works. But, the truth is, this prospecting formula aligns BEST with people who are extroverted, with a VAST network that's well resourced.

This method is so wildly recommended because it's the fastest way for anyone without marketing knowledge to get on the momentum. That is exactly how I started as well (which worked as a sprint to unlock my first achievement), and I'm sure that's the only path most uplines know (and hence recommend you follow like the holy grail)!

However, it is also an undeniably ACTIVE process on your part, which requires you to be a 24/7 switched-on prospecting machine that's always hunting for the slightest chance to slide your 'passive income' opportunity in. *oh the irony here!*

If you want to have a SUSTAINABLE network marketing business that also supports your energy as an innovator & a creative, and allows you run it remotely should you decide to become a digital nomad, then learning how to network the effective & efficient way, without relying only on your friends & family (and losing your authenticity as you *ahem* shapeshift' into a prospecting machine), is KEY to compounding your lead gen efforts!

With the principles in Day 1, along with what I'm about reveal in this session, you can even increase lead flow to your current creative business as well! 🙂

The question is... are you ready to be in that 1%?

$197 VALUE


If you're still reading this, chances are you're like me, and you just want to SHINE in your zone of genius as a creative entrepreneur. And what takes away from that is the very idea of having to 'handle objections' in business, in 1:1 zoom or face-to-face meetings. From your experience of running your own business, you've felt drained from having conversations with people who treat you merely as a 'free resource,' like an information counter at the mall.

The moment you pitched your offer, they got defensive (or they ghost you).

The singe of bitterness & sourness on your tongue. And entrepreneur-resentment began.

The reason?

You're coming from the energy of trying to 'impose' (albeit subtly & unconsciously) your opportunity on them (perhaps from feeling disconnected from your ARCHETYPE – see Day One).

Instead, start creating the space for them to feel inspired to invite you into their world with readiness.

If you want to have transformative conversations with people who recognize the value/genius/gifts you bring to the table through your business, then you must be able to craft a discovery journey that inspires & connects.

You're not a machine for your business.

You are a soul with a business which happens to be an extension of your values & vision for change in the world.

With your discovery journey, you're streamlining your processes, and collapsing your time spent on 'converting your prospects'... potentially TRIPLING the work with a THIRD of the effort to 9X your results.

Now, imagine how much SPACE, TIME, and ENERGY you've freed up to play & create in your zone of genius, and be the magnetic innovator you are!!!

$497 VALUE

Your FREE 3-Day Design Your Dream Downline Includes:

✅ Discover how to integrate your network marketing business as part of your authentic personal brand, so that your voice remains consistent without 'shapeshifting' between your networking marketing and creative 'personalities.' ($497 VALUE)

✅ Discover how to build your network marketing business SUSTAINABLY, in a way that supports your energy as an innovator & a creative. The best part? You also get to run your NM business remotely, as a digital nomad, because you no longer have to rely only on your friends & family ($197 VALUE)

✅ Discover how to easily design your "discovery journey" to control daily lead flow and have the healthy downline you deserve… ($497 VALUE)