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A downloadable guide to nourishment based on your vehicle’s (body’s) design…

All of this is designed to equip you with a system to learn the ‘language' of your body...

So you can begin recognizing your wholeness;


Identify your programming (specifically with diet culture);


And integrate the right practices that nourish the vehicle you’ve been gifted. 

Your health codes are not an outcome or rule book…
…but a communicative framework from YOUR own body that shows you how it wants to be nourished. 

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{{customer_first_name}}, food (and nutrition) is the most concrete form of information that informs our DNA.


So, when you eat according to your body’s design, it allows you to more effortlessly become who you’re meant to be, which means that living in alignment with your purpose becomes easier.


When you upgrade your order by saying “YES” to this offer, you’ll get your “HEALTH CODES” as downloadable guide, which is a distillation of everything that I know, to this point, about the nexus between health & Human Design.


I don’t intend to keep curating 1-on-1 guides like this. As my knowledge and experiences expand me, my vision ultimately is to create masterclasses and programs to support more people in healing their relationship with Nourishment by Design!


So, while you’re still on this page, this personalized offer is still valid for YOU!

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