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Feeling overwhelmed, stuck in content, copy, messaging, and brand paralysis, and unsure what that “next step” is to propel your biz?

If you value a strategic partner who understands HUMAN DESIGN and will chameleon into your brain & biz, and help illuminate clear answers & an action plan for one, or more, of the core focuses in the Business, Brand and Content Marketing Trifecta, this is for you!

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Please Note: With the above options, your investment isn’t a “chit chat.” Each session is focused, action-oriented, & strategic with the purpose of giving you the resources & action plan for your most efficient path to the results you seek. It does include me in your business (literally) doing the preliminary groundwork (i.e. researching your area of expertise, and assessing your business, marketing, and branding) to prep for our session, so you can get the most laser-focused path of action to success. You will also receive the Zoom recording of the session, along with full personalized written summary notes of our session, so you can conveniently refer to it for an outline & breakdown of what has been covered during our time together (think of this as having your custom action plan in your pocket)!

*In-person sessions are only available to those residing in Singapore.

**If you’ve been in business for a while, and you’re unsure what that one “big domino” is that’s stifling engagement or traction, then a Messaging Audit is what you’re looking for right now. If you decide to proceed with one of the 1:1 Strategy Session options above following your audit to create the customized assets, roadmaps, templates, or guides, together, to move the needle forward in your business and reach your goals, $500 (half of your audit investment) will be credited off your 1:1 Strategy Session.

The Business, Brand, and Content Marketing Trifecta

(AKA my zones of genius)


(AKA Your Business Strategy) – How to boost conversions & lifetime value of clients, and create irresistible offers that sell on their own.

this may include:

  • Crafting Your Empathy-Led Marketing Research System (and have your system done and ready to launch, so you can start attaining invaluable data to strengthen your brand & marketing message)
  • Empathy Mapping for Deeper Brand-Client Resonance in Your Content (so you can emotionally connect with your clients’ core values, drives, and desires to become the trusted source for the guidance they seek)
  • Architecting Your Offer Ecosystem* – in harmony with your Human Design (so that you know which transformative experience to specifically direct a potential client to, based on what they need… even if you’re a multi-talented changemaker who offers a diverse range of services & products; say goodbye to giving away your entire strategy & customized guidance on free “discovery calls” because you struggle with ‘taking control’ of the conversation and verbally articulating what you can offer them as their ‘next best step’)
  • Soulmate Client Archetype Profiling – in harmony with your Human Design (when you are clear on whom your offers are for*, you can finally stop feeling unheard as a result of feeling like you’re speaking to “no one” in your content)
  • Optimizing Your Customer-Centric Sales Funnels for Increased Conversion & Client Retention
  • Architecting Your Irresistible Offer* – in harmony with your Human Design (create your winning & proprietary combination of product features, even if you’re selling intangible info-products or ‘inner-work’ based products/services)

*Note: if you got the Human Design for Business Reading for clarity on the types of offers that energetically align with you, $175 (half of your reading investment) will be credited off your 1:1 Strategy Session.


(AKA Your Brand Strategy) – How to stand out & rise above the noise through strategic positioning, messaging, and a powerful brand game plan.

this may include:

  • Angles for Your Origin Story* – in harmony with your Human Design (and have a brand story that deeply resonates with your soulmate clients… even if it feels like you have many ‘defining’ moments that contributed to the person you are today)
  • Identifying Your Brand Archetype*, Values, and Verbal Identity (AKA the Style of Your Brand Voice) – in harmony with your Human Design (perfect for you if you want to stand out and rise above the noise with a Distinct Identity & consistent Brand Voice, which build unshakeable trust with your audience and pave the way for long-term brand loyalty)
  • Defining Your Mission Statement (Brand Manifesto), Brand Promise, & Positioning Strategy* – in harmony with your Human Design (start captivating your soulmate clients who’d rally behind what you stand for and your mission in the world)
  • Crystalizing Your Brand Message* to align with your offers – in harmony with your Human Design (and create Messaging Assets customized to your brand, so you can stop staring at a blank Google Doc when it comes to crafting the perfect sentences to articulate the value of your work whenever you create your marketing campaigns, emails, content, sales pages, quiz results pages, lead magnets, webinars, etc)

*Note: if you got the Human Design for Business Reading for clarity on how to translate your Soul Message in practical context of your Brand Message, $175 (half of your reading investment) will be credited off your 1:1 Strategy Session.

Heart-Centered Content Marketing

(AKA Your Content Strategy) – How to get the right eyeballs on your brand, and create loyal fans through your captivating content & spellbinding words.

this may include:

  • Your Content Ecosystem (so you can finally exit the content machine hamster wheel and compound your marketing efforts)
  • Content Mapping & Strategizing (and craft a multi-dimensional marketing strategy that sells your offers 24/7, or attracts clients who slide into your DMs asking to hear about your offers!)
  • Transforming Your Service Page into a Storytelling Sales Page (perfect for you if your service page lists your talents like a set of technical features of the latest TV model, and doesn’t showcase your uniqueness… therefore you end up doing all the ‘heavy lifting’ on sales calls – and giving away your entire strategy – to prove your value to potential clients who… eventually got what they needed from you *for free* before you could even pitch your offer)  
  • Crafting Your Proprietary Genius Blueprint (perfect for those who want a proprietary asset to guide their trademark-able methodology, client transformational journey, signature quiz funnel, content topics & pillars, and diverse offerings)
  • Brainstorming & Mapping Out 3-6 Months ‘Brand-thority’ Content Worth Binge-ing (stop writing content that sounds like random journal entries; jumpstart your visibility, escape the ‘friend zone,’ and be seen as the trusted guide or mentor your community seeks)
  • Enhancing Your Copy in your content, on a sales page, or on a page on your website (start building brand authority by transforming your lukewarm copy into spellbinding words that draw people in like sizzling magnets)
  • Architecting Your Quiz Funnel* that accelerates the process of turning followers into clients

*Note: if you want a clear & strategic step-by-step action plan to build your customized Quiz Funnel, architecting your quiz will be the sole focus of a VIP Strategy Day Experience, as it is a project on its own.

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My 1:1 BRAIN JUICE Immersions are delivered virtually (or an ‘in-person’ option if you’re in Singapore) and will not have me writing your entire copy, quiz, or your Brand Voice Guide* for you. These done-with-you strategy sessions involve me partnering with you to create the customized assets, roadmaps, templates, or guides for your brand & business (so that you can stop depending on an ongoing service to market your work, and start taking the reins of your sacred business).

*If you want a complete Brand Voice Guide by Design done for you, alongside an Astro-infused BrandBoard (a custom design guide that offers a visual reflection of your brand’s soul & style), then the Iconic Branding by Design package is the one you’re looking for.


Only 2 spots each month will be available. First best applicant, first serve.