What is your Magnetic Superpower?

According to your Human Design energy type, your superpower is...

The Lighthouse

Your superpower as a Reflector is Wisdom & Depth!

As a Human Design Reflector, your aura samples and reflects the other solar beings (the other 4 types).

The way you live out your purpose as a Reflector isn’t the same as the rest of us all because you are a ‘lunar’ being.

You are like an anthropologist. You receive and experience energies more than any other type, via all your white centers, that you thrive best when you have the space (i.e. the 28-day moon cycle) to ‘sample’ information/energies in your environment and ‘transmute’ them into wisdom/insights through an observation + reflective process.

These wisdom and insights that emerge from the ‘transmutation’ process come forth from you as an element of surprise (to yourself and all). And, depending on your profile through which you reflect & share your wisdom, you have the potential to facilitate improvement in the community.

As a Reflector, your aura is best described as a lighthouse, where you have a vantage point of witnessing the energies that move around and through you, without needing to jump into the waters to ‘save’ anyone.

With your open/undefined energy centers, you embody the lighthouse effect as you glow by allowing your depth and wisdom to shine. You have the potential to become a wise and invaluable teacher for the collective. A famous example of a glowing Reflector is Teal Swan.

I also affectionately call the Reflector the ‘Blindspot Detector.’ As a Reflector, you have the potential to become a great facilitator for a community and serve as a lighthouse who guides us out of our blindspots. 

This is the gift of your openness. Projectors, Generators, and Manifestors have their own defined centers, and can get mired in their own ‘ego.’ Reflectors, on the other hand, have the potential to see what keeps the other energy types ‘stuck’ in ways that we (I am a Projector) cannot and illuminate an alternative solution.

Big Myth about Reflectors

Reflectors have no power or agency to create anything for themselves

This is far from the truth.

As much as Reflectors are ‘samplers,’ they have as much potential to become skilled curators.

Reflectors who feel like they’re drowning in a sea of emotions and energies are likely to have jumped off their lighthouse and into the waters, trying to fit in like a round peg in a square hole with the other solar energy beings.

It is important for Reflectors to be the observer, rather than the identifier, of energies.

In their low expression, Reflectors function as identifiers. They are like a sponges that soak up energies, without releasing those which do not serve them. Like identifiers, they become ‘one’ with those energies. This creates resistance within them because they do not have any defined centers through which they can consistently generate their own energy that feels like ‘home ground’ for them.

For example, if they are constantly identifying with and clinging onto the emotions of others (supposing that they’ve become attached to an environment that is unhealthy for them), it becomes taxing on their open/undefined solar plexus to consistently regulate their overwhelmed nervous systems. They do not have the consistent capacity & strength to process those ‘incoming’ energies that are accumulating/hoarded in their bodies.

On the other hand, healthy Reflectors who engage with life are like sieves. They sample different energies without attachment, and they feel safe to let go of any that doesn’t feel good. From this process, they curate energies that feel nourishing and expansive for them. This means choosing the relationships, environments and activities that feel good. 

To test if the relationship you’re engaging in is healthily sustainable for you or not, assess the different domains or areas of your life – e.g. your self-expression, your friendships, your connection to your work or purpose, your familial relationships, your connection with your health/fitness. 

And, if one area is being compromised, the relationship you’re in isn’t 100% for you. It doesn’t mean you have to completely cut the person out of your life; oftentimes it’s about regulating or changing the relationship dynamic whereby your energetic or emotional investment in the relationship is compensated through some kind of reciprocity that adds value to your life.

At their highest expression, Reflectors allow their experiences to wisen them up about what to include, or not, in their curation. At their best, they are recognized and seen for their depth and wisdom. They are The Lighthouse. These are the Reflectors that end up glowing with love and compassion.

As a Reflector, you’d want the right people, relationships and invitations to expand you, to see and recognize you for your depth. So, when you begin to feel invisible and you feel like life is devoid of surprises, that’s when it’s time to check in and do an ‘energy audit.

How to use your Lighthouse Aura as a Reflector in your marketing?

Leverage your magnetism as the 1% of the world!

Your magnetism lies in your intuitive gifts where you feel the subtleties of energy around you and the ongoings that take place on a cosmic and collective level.

Because you have the vantage view of witnessing energies that move around and through you, you have the potential of seeing things that others may miss. This means you have knack for calling out our blindspots (which could be the focus in your content) and reflecting the truth back to us. You are here to show us what we cannot see with your deep intuitive abilities.

This is what makes you incredibly magnetic.

Tone & Copy🎤


Unbiased, even tempered, wise, psychic, intuitive

Content + Copy Examples

“This is what’s happening on a collective level” or “This is how humanity is impacted by what’s happening” or “This is what we will be feeling” or “This is what we are missing” or “This is the truth of what’s happening”

A perfect example is Teal Swan, who’s a popular leader in the industry she’s in. She goes deep in her content and expresses the hidden issues that many people struggle to bring up. Her intuitive nature and wisdom draw her audience in.

❤️‍🔥Content Marketing Tip❤️‍🔥

I have found that Reflectors make amazing readers, be it in Human Design, Astrology or some other system.

In fact, I’ve observed that many of them are amazing readers of human beings and I believe they would excel well from studying topics related to the cosmos and topics related to psychology because of their ability assess situations and people objectively.

Use your openness as a superpower that magnifies your magnetism.

Help your audience shift false beliefs (and thus give them a mind-blowing moment) by shining a light on their blindspots.

You can do this by entering the conversation that’s taking place in people’s minds and asking them questions to facilitate them, so that they come to their own conclusions and answers on their own. You don’t always need to be the one providing all the answers.

ACTION STEP: Paint a familiar scenario (with them in it), and facilitate their experience in that scenario by asking questions, leading them to a lightbulb moment.


When people come to their own conclusions – they’ve already ‘sold’ themselves on why they need your solution, and more likely to follow through.

Your Lighthouse aura as a Reflector is just one piece of the puzzle!

Human Design is a nuanced system that also includes placements and a ‘circuitry’ that gives your aura a unique ‘shape.’ 

Your aura is a ‘two-way radio’ that calls and receives. It’s what you broadcast to the world, and it governs what you attract back. So, you want to set it to the right frequency.

Because Human Design is a nuanced system, no two Reflectors are the same, meaning that your ‘inner radio’ is wired differently from the other Reflector sitting across the cafe you’re in.

Let's set your two-way radio to the right frequency, so that you can attract everyone and everything towards you....

Imagine this…

You’re a trauma-informed mental health coach, just like the other coach on Instagram whom you secretly creep on to keep yourself in the know… so you can ‘stay ahead of the game’ with your marketing strategy.

You reiterate the same concepts she talks about – Polyvagal theory, Brainspotting, and the autonomic nervous system. 

But here’s the EDGE you see as a secret ingredient to her success: 

She has a message – she believes that the liberation of a woman’s VOICE is a manifestation of healing our inner child healing & doing the shadow work. She believes with conviction that a freed voice changes the world, and that every woman’s voice creates a ripple effect, and thus deserves to be heard.

Her message, ‘niche,’ and voice are working amazingly well for her!

You get excited; you know you, too, can help women with their voices with same modalities you’ve taken certification programs to learn.

So, you emulate her. You copy her messaging strategy, her niche, and her voice.

Weeks pass, and no matter how hard you try to make it work, your voice and energy keep falling flat. Your audience isn’t responding to your words in the same way her network rouses her audience & network.

The issue here isn’t that you’re less articulate or attractive than her, but that you’re trying to ‘copy and paste’ a message that wasn’t yours to express in the first place, because the ‘frequency’ of your inner radio is different from hers. While she’s designed to tune into and transmit 123 FM, you were designed to tune into and transmit 456 FM. The problem lies in you ignoring your own unique FM, and trying hard to tune into & transmit hers.

In other words, her message works wonderfully for her because she’s expressing the frequency of her inner radio. Moreover, she has a deep understanding of her network’s drives, desires, and aspirations, which are reflected in her content & copy. Combining both creates an engaged audience & network.

And, until you acquaint yourself with your UNIQUE frequency & your inner radio, it will always feel like you have to follow a rigid niching framework from some rando still preaching the gospels from the old paradigm… only to create a replicable and commoditized brand that imprisons your multidimensional soul, distorting your inner radio’s frequency, and painfully limiting and suffocating yourself.

Being UNIQUE is not an option when it comes to creating a standout personal brand, where YOU are the niche – the unconventional, can’t-quite-put-a-finger-on-which-box-you-fall-into, unreplicable ESSENCE that only you can exude.

Your MAGNETISM is a presence or an expression of an inner quality that only YOU have – the combination of your unconventionality / UNIQUENESS, your personal direction (aka your purpose, cause, ideal, vision, message), and your network’s aspirations, etc. 

And the keys to this  are encoded in your Human Design.

Now, you might wonder...

"Clarice, how can I work more in accordance with my Human Design to magnetize the right clients, and how do I create a brand to attract a regular stream of clients easefully?"

After a decade in the online world as a coach, marketer, guide to other entrepreneurs, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on marketing strategies, I’ve found that the most efficient, effective, & sustainable way to attract & grow a network of people that make you fall in love with your work more deeply everyday is to create your Human-Design-encoded digital real estate (which I call your “energetic algorithm”).

This means that your soul-aligned clients & collaborators are clear about the pathways to flow into your brand (your digital real estate), where they will connect deeper with you as the creator of your life-changing work, understand how their lives can change through the value you provide, and identify opportunities to circulate value, digital assets, and resources (aka buy from you and/or share your work & message with their network), so you can focus on being the creative visionary who 10x her business detached from her time.

This works like a social media algorithm, except that instead of subjecting yourself to a robot and a set of collective trends that determine whether or not your work takes off, your energetic algorithm harnesses your ✨magnetic brand identity✨ and attracts aligned clients & high-impact collaborations who are excited to bring you new business.

It is through the circulation of value, assets, and resources – all of which are energy – that your network grows, given that relationships thrive on aligned energetic exchanges.

Resource / Asset Flow = Energy Flow = Client / Collaborator Flow

If this ignites a spark in you and you’d like to learn how this works, you’re going to love this free masterclass where I reveal the step-by-step roadmap to creating digital assets + a magnetic brand identity using your Human Design in 3 simple phases, so you can attract & grow your network of soul-aligned collaborators & clients easefully.

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