What is your Magnetic Superpower?

According to your Human Design energy type, your superpower is...

The Potent One

Your superpower as a Projector is Potency!

As a Human Design Projector, your aura is laser-focused, which makes you adept at seeing deeply into the people around you, and thus offering guidance when you are invited. You are definitely not designed to be ‘surface level’ in your teachings, guidance, and content. Embrace your depth!

As a Projector, you are like the best-kept secret. You notice things that typically pass most people. Your mastery of systems helps you not only identify the intention behind people’s behaviors, but also the ‘antidote’ required. And this is because your aura as a Projector is focused deeply into the other. When you are living in alignment with your design, your energy is experienced as potency.

You are not fluffy with your words. Your transmission of energy is like a diamond – precise and transformative. When you speak, your wisdom drops like gold. Your words blow people’s minds because your insights cut straight to the core of people’s identities. In other words, people feel SEEN by you in a world where they constantly feel misunderstood. There is incredible DEPTH to the quality of your work.

Each Projector brings different gifts to the table depending on their circuitry – centers, channels, placements, and profile. Projectors who own their superpower and understand whom they’re for, and not for, are incredibly magnetic.

That magnetism is what makes YOU inviting. And your power truly shines when your magnetism is authentically recognized and you are invited to share your wisdom & genius, and offer course correction for those who welcome in your guidance.

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How to use yourPotent Aura in your marketing?

Your MAGNETISM 🧲 comes from your capacity for DEEPLY understanding people and systems.

People flock to those whom they can be ’emotionally open’ with.

This means when your audience feel seen, heard, and understood at their core by you, their trust in & connection with you amplifies.

You become magnetic and “invitable” by positioning yourself as an expert in a specific or unique system AND demonstrating your wisdom in this area.

Others’ recognition in your expertise is a mirror of your ability to recognize your own mastery and to acknowledge the wisdom in your experiences. When you recognize yourself, and showcase your expertise to your audience through your content, you will naturally be invited to guide others.

This is how the most aligned clients and success come to you.

Tone & Copy🎤


Wise, strategic, empathic, efficient, insightful, helpful

Content + Copy Examples

“I’ve walked this path. These are the insights from my experience, and you don’t have to go through a tedious route like I did… This is the best way to do things. This is effective, efficient, intelligent & strategic.”

❤️‍🔥Content Marketing Tip❤️‍🔥

Your audience is the hero (Luke Skywalker) and the spotlight is on them. While you take up space as the expert, leverage your expertise and wisdom as part of your mission to guide (you’re Yoda) and support the other. (The most magnetizing Projectors I see focus on making their ideal client their core part of their message, without getting sucked into the “me, me, me” movement.)

Your wisdom comes from your lived experiences having “been there and done that”. Do not offer unsolicited guidance in places (e.g. in-person conversations) where you have clearly not been invited to do so. Instead, lean back, and practice acknowledging yourself, while demonstrating your expertise through your content on your OWN platform, where people get to CHOOSE to subscribe to or follow you or not. Your platform is YOUR own stage.

Help your audience shift false beliefs (and thus give them a mind-blowing moment) by sharing your potent insights & Projector wisdom through “WHY…” content.

Prompt: What are some WHY questions that your audience is currently asking themselves? And how can you shine a light on the real reason and redirect their attention to the right solution?

e.g. If your audience believes they need more willpower to break free from binge eating, then perhaps they’re asking themselves, “WHY can’t I just muster the willpower to stop eating?”

ACTION STEP: Your content can start off with – “Why willpower doesn’t work to overcome binge eating.” People need a reason to stop using method that don’t work for them, before they pay attention to the solution you offer them. Your content communicates that reason. Go DEEP.

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Your aura as a Potent Projector is just one piece of the puzzle!

Human Design is a nuanced system that also includes placements and a ‘circuitry’ that gives your aura a unique ‘shape.’ 

Your aura is a ‘two-way radio’ that calls and receives. It’s what you broadcast to the world, and it governs what you attract back. So, you want to set it to the right frequency.

Because Human Design is a nuanced system, no two Projectors are the same, meaning that your ‘inner radio’ is wired differently from the other Projector sitting across the cafe you’re in.

Let's set your two-way radio to the right frequency, so that you can attract everyone and everything towards you....

Imagine this…

You’re a trauma-informed mental health coach, just like the other coach on Instagram whom you secretly creep on to keep yourself in the know… so you can ‘stay ahead of the game’ with your marketing strategy.

You reiterate the same concepts she talks about – Polyvagal theory, Brainspotting, and the autonomic nervous system. 

But here’s the EDGE you see as a secret ingredient to her success: 

She has a message – she believes that the liberation of a woman’s VOICE is a manifestation of healing our inner child healing & doing the shadow work. She believes with conviction that a freed voice changes the world, and that every woman’s voice creates a ripple effect, and thus deserves to be heard.

Her message, ‘niche,’ and voice are working amazingly well for her!

You get excited; you know you, too, can help women with their voices with same modalities you’ve taken certification programs to learn.

So, you emulate her. You copy her messaging strategy, her niche, and her voice.

Weeks pass, and no matter how hard you try to make it work, your voice and energy keep falling flat. Your audience isn’t responding to your words in the same way her message rouses her audience.

The issue here isn’t that you’re less articulate or attractive than her, but that you’re trying to ‘copy and paste’ a message that wasn’t yours to express in the first place, because the ‘frequency’ of your inner radio is different from hers. While she’s designed to tune into and transmit 123 FM, you were designed to tune into and transmit 456 FM. The problem lies in you ignoring your own unique FM, and trying hard to tune into & transmit hers.

In other words, her message works wonderfully for her because she’s expressing the frequency of her inner radio. Moreover, she has a deep understanding of her audience’s drives, desires, and aspirations, which are reflected in her content & copy. Combining both creates an engaged audience.

And, until you acquaint yourself with your UNIQUE frequency & your inner radio, it will always feel like you have to follow a rigid niching framework from some rando still preaching the gospels from the old paradigm… only to imprison your multidimensional soul, distorting your inner radio’s frequency, and painfully limiting and suffocating yourself.

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Being UNIQUE is not an option when it comes to creating a standout personal brand, where YOU are the niche – the unconventional, can’t-quite-put-a-finger-on-which-box-you-fall-into, unreplicable ESSENCE that only you can exude.

When it comes to voice, uniqueness, and ATTRACTION marketing, many make the mistake of investing only and heavily in aesthetics (erroneously believing that this is the master key to magnetic branding), and in modulating the technical elements of their voice (written and verbal) to captivate. 

But these qualities can be easily replicated/commoditized by someone else. 

OR, in the context of building a personal brand, 99% of people follow a rigid niching framework that’s no longer relevant in today’s times, in the Age of Aquarius… only to imprison their multi-passionate souls, painfully limiting and suffocating themselves. 

Psstt… when you are encumbered by your limitations, your audience KNOW, and your magnetism diminishes.

The truth is: MAGNETISM is a presence or an expression of an inner quality that only YOU have – the combination of your unconventionality / UNIQUENESS, your personal direction (aka your purpose, cause, ideal, vision, message), and your audience’s aspirations, etc. 

The keys to this  are encoded in your Human Design.

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