Identify your true Soulmate Clients/Audience, Brand Voice & Message, Brand's Unique Positioning Strategy

...and tell your Brand Story – in harmony with your Human Design. With this, you'll walk away with your very own Brand Voice Blueprint!

Craft your Signature Framework & Soul-Aligned Offer Ecosystem

...which supports the transformation journey of your soulmate client. Your offers will echo your Brand Message & Voice, and honor your primary Human Design circuitry (individual, collective, or tribal)

Glow up your Cosmic-infused Visual Branding for magnetic attraction

Transform your platform into an energetic CV that amplifies your expression blueprint and emotionally hooks your audience before you even say a word to them!

When it comes to your message, one thing has to be clear.

*Who* your soulmate client is.

You’ve been told that in order to create content that resonates, you have to identify the deep-seated challenges & innermost desires of an ideal client avatar, and then communicate their A-to-B transformation in your content.

Without this, it feels like you’re speaking into an echo chamber in your content… because it seems like there’s no one specific you’re talking to; though you may be multi-passionate with many things to share, it suddenly feels like you have nothing specific of depth to say because there’s no specific reason or invitation to say it.

For content creation to feel easeful & exciting, you desire the confidence of knowing what exactly to say – so that people can easily follow your ideas and find value in your words.

But there's a problem:

Your message is so unfocused you cannot say what it is about

You have a lot of ideas in your head, but you don't know how to put them together without creating confusion in your image. To avoid confusion, you tend to over complicate it and be too “professional” rather than expressing your authentic personality & humor.

You aren't clear about your unique contribution & gifts

So you end up wanting to “help” everyone by being relatable to all, even if the people you try to help aren’t an ideal fit for your transformative gifts.

Inauthentic marketing dulls your natural magnetism

You've invested in marketing programs and maybe even hired a social media manager, but all you've been told is to 'agitate' your ideal client's pain points and speak from that POV. It doesn't feel good.

You don't have a distinct brand voice

You feel like you flow between a LOT of styles of writing – it’s all you, but you feel like your voice gets lost in the noise. While you don’t want to put yourself in a box, you do want your voice to shine and be recognizable through the authentic stories you share. You wistfully look at your vision board of your dream Instagram page, and wonder, "is it even that difficult? What’s holding me back? Is my vision board not good enough?"

You feel like your words aren't fully received

You've attempted to vulnerably share your stories of trials & tribulations in your content to connect with your audience, but it felt like you're writing journal entries without adding value. Instead of standing out, you feel invisible, which hides your deep knowledge, experiences, & expertise, and perpetuating the nagging feeling of not being listened to, received, and valued.

You have no clue about what your soulmate client desires & truly values

You can create content for whoever or whatever topic. But, because you just don’t know who your true soul audience is, you sometimes end up not posting at all. If you could wave a magic wand to reveal your ideal clients' deep desires, you no longer would have to struggle with figuring out if your content resonates, or if it's *valuable* enough.

What if I told you that...

...the only thing standing in your way of connecting with your Soulmate Client is the question that you've been asking?

You see, most people try to seek out their soulmate client in the ‘opposite’ direction.

It’s less about about “who/where my Soulmate Client is” (aka looking outside of yourself), and more about inquiring within…

“Who am I”?


“What do I stand for?”

“What is my voice & expression here?”

“What is my message and unique storytelling style?”

“WHO is the version of me who expresses herself with such a magnetic voice and rallying message?”

Because your expression as a Voice & Identity – and the catalytic energy behind your message – will ultimately magnetize your soul-aligned clients, without having to go on a scavenger hunt for them.

Instead of over-explaining whom you’re for and what you could do for them in your content (which makes content creation a chore), start expressing who you are.

This is the secret to making content creation fun & spontaneous, feminine & flowy.

Just imagine...

You knew exactly who your soulmate client was – and their dreams, desires, fears, and wants

Because you're clear on a specific kind of person whom you can confidently write content for, you feel excited & relieved by your ability to create content that feels like a fun, empowering conversation with your soulmate clients!

You're clear about your Unique Contribution & Gifts

You have clarity around your core message and fiercely embody the desired vision of your soulmate clients, making you and your thriving platform stand out radiantly from the sea of other coaches in the same 'niche' as you.

You feel so confident in your unique voice that content creation feels spontaneous & fun

When you create content and share from your heart, you feel listened to and recognized for your incredible intuitive gifts, knowledge, and wisdom, and you receive appreciation for the space, heart, and encouragement you provide.

You're making a difference in your soulmate clients' lives!

Your content is a potent & inspiring transmission of your unique individuality, which gives voice to possibilities for others in an empowering direction. You show others what is possible for them even when they do not believe in themselves.

It's Time to Say Goodbye To Constantly Questioning *Who* You're Speaking To... Getting Your Voice Lost in Murky Messaging... and Worrying that You Look Like a Confused Mess That Repels Soulmate Clients Because You Have Too Much To Share...

...And Hello to The 3 Pillars That Will That Will Evoke Your Recognizable Brand Voice, and Crystallize Your Message & Unique Storytelling Style That Will Captivate The Hearts of Your Fractal Clients

When you combine these 3 pillars, you ignite your...

...the vessel though which your soul purpose gets activated, your creative freedom gets unleashed, and your unique-ness radiates!

This sounds amazing, Clarice! But, pray tell, where do I begin with crafting a spellbinding Brand Voice that makes me magnetic to my soulmate clients?


Many people already logically know the importance of branding but get lost in the weeds for years trying to figure out their Brand Voice – their identity, message, and their true *soul* audience their message is for.


And not having a compelling, consistent, and captivating Brand Voice that guides all of their marketing efforts is the #1 thing that holds many brilliant minds & hearts back from sharing their soul work, creating content, & getting their authentic stories heard.


Clarify your message, crystalize your brand voice, and find your unique storytelling style, so that you know how to speak to & authentically connect with your people in a way that lands and activates them❤️‍🔥

Here's what you'll unlock in 3 months

You'll walk away with your very own Brand Voice Blueprint and discover the practical ways you can use it to bring clarity to your messaging whenever you create content & write copy, and ignite your mission.

Your Brand Voice Blueprint serves as your Brand Manifesto. It tells the story of your brand, who you serve, your mission & core values, your Creatrix Codes, brand personality & promise, verbal identity, rallying cry, and tone of voice.

Your Brand Voice Blueprint can also be used as a 'resume' for podcasters & the media, so they get a strong sense of who you are, what you came here to do, and why.

Explore What's Inside The 3-Month Live Group Experience

New Paradigm Niching by Design is an integrative blend of course & live group experience. We will meet together as a group once a fortnight for 90 minutes on live calls to co-create the vision of soul-aligned brands together and be expanders for one another as a group.

This program will support you in clarifying your message, crystalizing your brand voice, and finding your unique storytelling style, so that you step confidently embody the Visionary & Creatrix that you are, and start speaking to your people in a way that lands and activates them.

Phase 1: Your Creatrix Voice


Filtering out the feasibility of your niche based on the economical model of success, so you have an edge over your ‘competitors,’ is so old paradigm. It represses your intuition & desires and is downright soul crushing.

The key to new paradigm success & fulfilment lies in your Unique Expression Blueprint – your Human Design, Natal Chart, and Gene Keys. No one could be you. In this module, you’ll discover…

  • the 6 specific placements in your Human Design & Astrology birth chart (your unique expression blueprint) that informs the energetic theme for your new paradigm niche (this works for Reflectors too!)
  • how to use your centers, defined & undefined, to amplify the impact that your fractal (your soul fam or ‘your people’) is specifically looking for; this allows to you play in your genius zone, so that your magnetism is undeniably felt through your content… Have mostly open/undefined centers? No worries – you’re going to discover how you can harness the POWER of your openness to ‘attract’ and make a difference
  • how to tap into your Inner Creatrix, your Divine Artist, and reawaken the innovator within you, so that you become a differentiated ChangeMaker in the Creator’s Economy, even if your content topic isn’t ‘new’

Today, 89% of customers are loyal to brands that share their values. What does this mean for you? It’s no longer enough to have the best product/service, the cheapest price, or rank #1 on a Google search. (To be honest, your soulmate clients vibe with you, not because of those external factors, but because of the values you stand for, in your personal power.) Not only people are getting irrationally loyal to brands they love, they’re becoming savvy clients who are becoming more aware of what it means to be rooted in their sovereignty. If you want a space in their hearts and connect with your soulmate clients on deep level, so that you can facilitate the most expansive transformation for them, you must get crystal clear on who you really are, and the things you fight for with conviction in your voice. In this module, we’ll unlock your Creatrix Codes, your personal Golden Compass that magnetizes your soulmate customers.

Your Human Design is not only a map that shows you the pathway to unlocking your gifts & genius, but it also charts out the parts of us that hold on to ‘not-self’ values that creates distortion in our voice & transmission. Your ‘not-self’ values weaken your magnetism, and holds the voice of your Highest Self hostage.

In this module, we look at placements in our Human Design, Gene Keys, and Natal Chart which help us better understand the ‘not-self’ patterns and coping mechanisms we carry.

Now, healing doesn’t have to be all heavy & dark. In New Paradigm Niching by Design, we do things unconventionally. While you’ll be guided to provide your inner child the nurturance they need, so you feel safe to fully embody the values of your Highest Self, you’ll also infuse fun & play (using your Gene Keys) in your day-to-day life to supercharge your magnetism ⚡️

When most people think about turning mediocre messaging into exceptional messaging, the first thing they think about is hiring a copywriter to sprinkle some rainbow-colored pixie dust on words. Lemme tell you: it doesn’t work.

What truly sets mediocrity & exceptionality apart, when it comes to messaging, is the VOICE behind the message.

And this means one thing for you – if the VOICE behind your message isn’t embodying Main Character energy, then your audience isn’t going to feel your vision (and, as such, they can’t see where they’re going with you). When there’s no vision (or Visionary), people don’t move because no one wants to be stuck in a tunnel where they can’t see the light at the end. A Visionary Voice creates Magnetic Leadership.

(This is also why ‘pain point marketing’ feels heavy & repelling to self-responsible or high-level clients.)

In this module, we’ll be bridging the gap between your current self to your Highest Self, connecting your Hero(ine)’s dream and manifestation.

When you speak from this place where there’s no separation between ‘now’ and ‘then,’ that’s when your Voice holds & reveals the Vision to your people. Welcome to Magnetism 101.

Phase 2: Your Magnetic Message


If you’ve been grappling with questions like “how do I actually know what the desires of my true *soul* audience are?” when creating content or writing copy, then this is the module you’re waiting for.

Now that you’ve identified who you are as a brand, it’s important to deeply understand who you serve. A big mistake most people make when trying to write content or copy that resonates is not getting into the hearts & minds of those they serve asap. Resonance works both ways – when you express yourself authentically (that means expressing your true values & personality) and when you’re able to meet your soulmate audience where they’re emotionally at.

In this module, you’ll identify your brand personality & the unique ways you shine your values to the world, and captivate the attention your soulmate clients where they’ll go, “I don’t know why but I realllllyyy love Nicole’s vibe. There’s something about her I can’t get enough of.”

To take your magnetism from great to amazing, you’ll also discover how to emotionally connect with your soulmate client’s core values, drives, & desires, and become the trusted source for the guidance they seek.

What makes you different from someone else offering the same solution, or using the same modality, out there? How different can two trauma-informed purpose coaches be? What makes you distinct is your POSITIONING STRATEGY. Your positioning strategy is also what helps you define YOU as a brand. This is important because when you don’t tell your story (AKA define who you are), someone else will spin one for you, and it may be incorrect or unfavorable.

(TRUTH: many trauma-informed coaches put more focus on stacking their modalities instead of working on their Brand Message & Voice, and that’s why they end up looking like freelancing therapists with an expensive toolbox. Therapists focus on uncovering the past, while coaches lead with a future-based cause / a VISION. 2 different roles! If you find that you tend to attract ‘mopey’ or co-dependent coaching clients, this could be the reason.)

In this module, I’ll help you identify your Brand DNA – the stand-out positioning strategy that shows the world how you zig while others zag. Your positioning strategy is the combination of your Brand Mission (AKA your ‘Brand Manifesto’) and your Brand Promise (AKA your A-to-B Transformation Journey). These are among the most important messaging assets in any Brand Voice!

PLUS I will also help you with creating your Your Proprietary Genius Blueprint perfect for those who want a proprietary asset to guide their trademark-able methodology, client transformational journey, signature quiz funnel, content topics & pillars, and diverse offerings!

“Who are you? How did you come about? Why are you so devoted to helping us? What makes you YOU today?”

These are questions people are naturally inclined to ask. Questions like these are indication that people want to feel the fire in your heart ❤️‍🔥, and that you have both feet in when you talk about being of service, that you’re not just a dabbler, y’know?

Telling your story deepens your audience’s trust in you. It’s how those on your fractal line connect with you, rally behind you, and stay with you. Your brand is an archetype. And every notable archetype has a powerful story – the scary choices made, an act of bravery to put one foot out the door even when you can’t see all the steps ahead, pivots, reinventions, shapeshifting, and 3am “ahas!” that led you to where you are now… and future scenarios, yet to happen, through which you will continue to navigate as ignite your mission. In this module, you’ll begin crafting a deeply relatable Origin Story using my Hour-Glass framework that has been especially designed for ChangeMakers who work in realms like shadow work, inner transformation, emotional mastery, intuitive clarity, and trauma transmutation.

Many brands fall into the trap of adopting a tone they feel a brand in their industry should use... And that’s why I secretly roll my eyes whenever I see another biz coach with a style – tone, verbal identity, aesthetics – that’s uncannily similar to the it girl coach of the industry LOL. (And by the way, I’ve no hate for it because I completely understand why it happens! I’m just feeling sassy 😄) When you veer away from who you are and who you serve, your ‘not self’ patterns are going to attract ‘not self’ energies.

In this module, you’ll identify your very own Emotional Tone & Verbal Identity, and crystallize your rallying cry that gets your people raving, moving, and transforming with conviction & belief. You’ll walk away with your very own Brand Voice Blueprint and discover the practical ways you can use it to bring clarity to your messaging when you write copy & create content, and ignite your mission.

In this module, we will be mapping out your offer ecosystem that supports the transformation journey of your soulmate client. Your offers will echo your Brand Message (Values & Voice), and honor your primary Human Design circuitry (individual, collective, or tribal).

When you have your offer ecosystem mapped out and your soul-aligned offers clearly communicating the problems they solve, you feel confident about directing a potential client to a specific offer, based on the transformative experience they desire or the gaps in their knowledge & experiences.

This is will be immensely helpful if you’re a multi-talented changemaker who offers a diverse range of services & products. Say goodbye to giving away your entire strategy & customized guidance on free “discovery calls” and overwhelming potential clients, because you struggle with ‘taking control’ of the conversation and verbally articulating what you can offer them as their ‘next best step.’

Having an aligned offer ecosystem is also how you can get your clients to check off mini milestones along the way, WHILE making it make sense for them to continue their transformation journey with you as a client.

Phase 3: Your Iconic Visual Brand Identity


Using Color Psychology & Astrological Palettes, you will discover simple-but-powerful design principles you can use to glow up the visual appeal of your brand. From colors, typography, to designing your Instagram posts, you’ll be guided to transform your platform into an energetic CV that amplifies your expression blueprint and emotionally hooks your audience before you even say a word to them!

Weeks 5, 9, & 13 will be reserved for any integration or implementation of the actionable tools, frameworks, or practices from the immersion.

How It Works

Once you enroll through the secure order form and complete your order,

you’ll receive an email with an invoice to confirm your enrollment and access to your member's portal where the modules will be hosted. You’ll also be invited to our private Facebook group to meet your fellow peers!


You'll get access to the modules in drip format in your member's portal, so that you're getting content relevant to what we're working through as a group for that week. This also gives you the time to soak it all in and apply the concepts you learn. You'll also receive a series of step-by-step worksheets that make your creative process a breeze!

Group Calls & Exclusive Access to The Private Community for Peer Guidance and Support

We'll meet together as a group once a fortnight for 90 minutes on live calls to co-create the VISION of our soul-aligned brands together, and be expanders for one another as a group.

This immersion is perfect for you if...

I’m fierce about protecting our values. I’ll respectfully ask miscreants to leave the group if...

Why I created New Paradigm Niching by Design

Since pivoting from the Binge & Emotional Eating niche at end of 2021 to teaching Content Marketing in 2022, I noticed a divide between clients who found creating content a breeze & clients who struggled with getting their content off the ground.

The clients who struggled with creating content found it difficult not because they lacked the aptitude as a writer, but because they found it challenging to connect with a consistent & compelling VOICE that would guide all of their marketing & storytelling efforts. They also didn’t know *who* their true soul audience was; and, when this is unclear, content creation feels like throwing a bunch of words into the void. With this, it was impossible for them to communicate the transformation and paint a picture of the desired vision of their soulmate clients – which is the key to creating content that activates people, and going from feeling unheard to making a difference.

And, personally, I was seeking a DIFFERENT way to make a difference that doesn’t necessitate the conventional methods of a service provider – handholding on Voxer (a messaging app), Zoom calls all day err day, solely done-for-you services, and all that jazz. As a Projector with mostly Individual Circuitry, constantly responding to clients and providing ongoing support/accountability weighed my energy down. I was determined to find a workaround to my predicament – AKA do it my way and make an even bigger impact.

The answer to ALL of this?

Creating a BRAND with a distinct voice & purpose, and which allows change makers to break free from the “one gargantuan done-for-you experience with 24/7 handholding accountability” zone with the opportunity to create transformative offers that light up their soul.

I believe that, in the new paradigm, the best brand identities combine the power of their authentic voice as a Visionary Storyteller and their soul-aligned gifts.

That’s why I decided it was time to create New Paradigm Niching by Design to help me with one mission…⁠⁠

To help change makers unlock their Creatrix Voice as a Visionary, so that they can make a difference in the world with their stories & wisdom.

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You'll walk away with your very own Brand Voice Blueprint and discover the practical ways you can use it to bring clarity to your messaging whenever you create content & write copy, and ignite your mission.

Your Brand Voice Blueprint serves as your Brand Manifesto. It tells the story of your brand, who you serve, your mission & core values, your Creatrix Codes, brand personality & promise, verbal identity, rallying cry, and tone of voice.

Your Brand Voice Blueprint can also be used as a 'resume' for podcasters & the media, so they get a strong sense of who you are, what you came here to do, and why.

Clarify your message, crystalize your brand voice, and find your unique storytelling style in 12 weeks.

By the end of the immersion, you'll...

New Paradigm Niching by Design includes...