We’re creating a New Paradigm of Storytellers.

Hi, I’m Clarice.

And this is how I came to birth The Radiant CreativePreneur.

My bedroom reeks of Shin Ramyeon.

I slurp up the last strand of my noodles, with my fingers furiously hitting the keys on my laptop as they attempt to catch up with the information that wants to pour forth from my brain – the funnels, the webinar strategies, the value stack. 

Pushing aside my now empty bowl, I switch screens and land on Calendly, now jam-packed with free discovery calls for the week. 

“They’ll each go for an hour long, like always,” I muttered and sighed, with an ache that gnawed at the pit of my stomach. There has never been a time where I could hold back on turning a ‘sales call’ into a full-blown coaching session, in secret hopes that my generous over-delivering would close the deal.

If bitterness has a voice, it would be screaming by now. But I know no other way; this is supposed to be the holy grail way to being fully ‘booked out’ as part of the overarching strategy for creating a business that promises freedom, expansion, and purpose. 

Burnout became my middle name. 

But this was the method I was taught.

I had to press through…

No pain, no gain.

Go hard, or go home.

Content marketing existed solely to handle objections and ‘add value.’ Connection with real humans with real hearts became the missing piece – the dwindling fuel to the Porsche, the repressed feminine to the omnipotent masculine, the drought responsible for the riverbed now parched and cracking.

Everything about building a business felt icky-ly manipulative. I was losing heartfelt connection with the people I was on calls with or creating content for; all I could hear was the incessant echo of “GET THE SALE” reverberating in my skull. 

Inauthentic relationships, band-aid solutions for “cash injections,” and boring, rigid, and manipulative marketing that both contributes to fear-mongering and suffocates my authentic expression were NOT the reason I started my coaching business in the first place

As a Feminine Being with entrepreneurial blood & unbridled creativity running through her veins, I started my business as an avenue for my creative & liberated self-expression, to make a difference with the unique combination of my intrinsic & nurtured geniuses

How did I end up in this spot where I am running myself into the cesspit of bitterness, from having lost my innate gift for authentically expressing myself, to forcefully fitting my multifaceted Self into the “One Offer, One Funnel, One Million Dollars” rigid masculine construct?

I felt like a raisin whose juice was wrung from a piece of grape that was threatening to burst open. 

Then the pendulum swung the other direction.

I scoffed…

…at what was meant be a ‘relief’ or ‘new opportunity’ from the old way of doing things:

Feminine energetics & flow.

Ease, luxe self-care, yoni eggs. 

Just activate the CODES that lie in your Human Design, Gene Keys, and Natal Chart.

Manifestation, journaling, crystals.

Stop explaining & strategizing; start expressing through ‘energetics.’

Just lean back fully, let clients lead themselves to you. 

Pffttt! That’s for lazy people who only want the shortcut codes without doing the work!

Did I believe that using ‘Feminine Energy’ would work? 

No. I was skeptical. 

But was I envious of those whose feminine energy was working for them? 

Without a shadow of a doubt. 

I wanted to make my business work without having to work myself like a machine. It didn’t matter if I was working 100 hours or 10 hours…

I was seeing the ‘same’ results. 

Deep down, I yearned to be seen. I am a Projector in Human Design. Of course, that made sense, Clarice.

Every feminine leader in the coaching industry seemed to have nailed this – adored, glowing, nourished, well rested, glammed up, and liberated in their expression of Self, while having everything in order. They were the epitome of radiance.

Ironically, the harder I hustled to earn my right to bask in my Feminine, the more I found myself rebelling against the rigid masculine way of business…

…without realizing that it was a manifestation of my desire to experience every flavor, part, and bit of the Feminine spectrum…

Multi-style brand visuals that reflected my multifaceted Self.

Offers that flew in all directions, where I could not get my energy behind.

Free masterclasses with Aquarian-esque creative themes that ran for HOURS without a smart or ‘proven’ strategy to warrant a healthy return on investment for my energy. 

It came to a point where I felt like I was going through a ritualistic enactment of giving voice to different characters that lived within my multifaceted Self…

…like a Shapeshifter.

“The shapeshifter changes role or personality, often in significant ways, and is hard to understand. That very changeability is the essence of this archetype. Sincerity of his claims is often questionable.”

I didn’t like Carl Jung’s definition of The Shapeshifter; it carries a connotation of deception & trickery. I fought hard with this newfound awareness. 

I didn’t want to be deceptive. 

I wanted to be as reliable and constant as a stalwart pillar. 

But shapeshifting IS an expression of the Feminine who embodies unconventional archetypes, divergent artists, and muses. 

Except I couldn’t see a place for the seemingly chaotic Feminine in a successful business.

I wanted to make my ideal client the heroine of the story where it made me feel alive to be nourishing her with knowledge, wisdom, and guidance… and to do so without relinquishing my multidimensional expression of Self… without dimming my light or sacrificing my pleasure to carve out just enough space for my ideal client to shine on her own stage, and without depleting my own energy & resources, where I often had to take mini ‘sabbaticals’ from my work because I was burned out… 

…and not omitting the worrying fact that I wasn’t paid when I wasn’t actively working.

Therein lies the PRESSING question (which I knew when answered would make the biggest difference for my business):

How do I harmonize my own Femme Self-Expression & embody Main Character Energy AND elevate my ideal client where she, too, sees herself as an empowered heroine of her own brand story?

In astrology terms, how do I get Leo & Aquarius to work together, rather than trying to outshine one another? 

In tantric lingo, how do I get my Feminine & Masculine to dance in union, instead of being at loggerheads?

How could I create equilibrium where my deep desire to express & play with what’s alive for me through my content is honored, while my practical need for an evergreen & a functional system to work for me is fulfilled, so I could relax when my undefined sacral center didn’t feel like being “on”?

With Human Design & Gene Keys I saw a difference in how people responded to my work. 

And, as I withdrew from a 12-year relationship dynamic that was no longer serving my personal evolution, my energy levels ‘upgraded.’ This was reflected in my Instagram Stories. People were responding to me. Less effort; more ease. Energy work works.

But it was still prominent to me that my brand was missing the fool-proof strategy which would efficiently support my feminine flow (and because of this I was not fulfilling my most important value of generosity, which sparked my purpose-driven business in the first place): to help heart-led lightworkers creatively express their authentic Self and make a difference through their voice.

Stubborn as I was in sticking to my guns that actively doing ‘live’ or close-access coaching was the “holy grail” method of providing support & guidance, my Stripe account forced me to face the cold-hard truth:  

If I didn’t start creating foundational structures & automated systems, I would in time sacrifice my well-being. I would once again find myself spiralling into the panic zone, because there was no consistency I could lean on for security. 

Instead of thriving in my feminine flow, I would be yanked out of it. 

I, in all of my humanness & feminine ebb & flow, would have to be the constantly revving machine that my entire business would have to rely on to keep going. 

I became clear on what I no longer want: 

Actively launching every month out of necessity.

Live selling, as my bread & butter.

Selling ‘new’ front-end offers to new customers, all the time, as my biggest source of revenue.

The switch flipped:

I committed to consistency, maximizing customer lifetime value (which meant I was able to continue supporting my ideal client’s heroine’s journey to success & fulfillment), and my thriving wellbeing while my customers & clients felt nourished.

After nearly a decade of being a serial entrepreneur where I voraciously learned marketing, developed coaching & mentoring skills, and overcame my fears of speaking to a group by hosting online masterclasses and in-person workshops, I created quiz funnels that leveraged the energetics encoded in my Human Design, my unbridled creativity, and my copywriting & storytelling skills to generate automated sales for my niched offers that altogether represent my multidimensional femme being.

My audience responded. My heart would skip a beat each time someone said ‘yes’ to an upsell in my automated funnel, which gave me another mark of confidence that I was on the path of living out my commitment to myself. 

And, just like that, The Radiant CreativePreneur in the Age of Aquarius was born.

The number of people who recognized my gifts quadrupled.

Invitations & opportunities flew towards me right, left, and center… 

…and for the first time in a long while I had the choice of turning down those that didn’t feel like a full-bodied yes for me.

I was growingly acknowledged for my gift of helping others reconnect to their sense of Self (and thus their iconic voice), and my strength for ideation & strategy where they could birth a brand that fill in a gap in the market & bring about change to the collective, while their individuality was CELEBRATED for the magic it brings to the industry.

This buttressed my sense of purpose and gave me sharper clarity in what I wanted to offer my fractal line (my ‘soul fam’ or network).

Today The Radiant CreativePreneur offers immersive copywriting & marketing strategy training rooted in empathy, femme energetics and storytelling, workshops on liberating one’s limitless creativity, and mentorship experiences to help Femme Soulpreneurs break free from boring & rigid methods of content marketing that inhibits their self-expression, and use their creative flair, geniuses, and iconic voices to make a valuable contribution to & difference in the world.

Together, we are on a mission to eliminate inauthentic relationships in business, and create a new world where brands, content marketing, communities, and networks are founded on authentic heart-led missions that pay it forward. 

Our Non-Negotiables…


We believe in surrendering to the constant unfolding & unravelling of our undiscovered self, leading to reinvention of Self and an expansion of our personal power. When we are devoted to our personal evolution, we nourish the growth & expansion of those around us.


We believe that everything which truly matters takes time, attention, nurturance, and devotion to our artistry & skills. This means breaking away from the status quo where our artistic essence is lost through templated soul-less formulas. When we master the art of expressing our multi-dimensionality, we inspire others to reveal their authentic Selves, thereby sparking change in the world.


We believe that, by expressing the authentic communion between our desires & voice, we pave the way for other wayshowers to deepen their trust in their voice, and make Art with it, thereby enriching the world. Unapologetically embracing your own style & expression amplifies your magnetism.


We believe that our expression of Self is the most generous thing we can offer to the world. This is why our content & stories for our community focus on shared humanity, intuitive expression, & heart-to-heart connection, over contorting our Art to appease a soul-less algorithm that misses the hearts of those who matter. Our generous expression and shared stories inspire healing and make a difference in the world.



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