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Your #1 Magnetic Content Superpower is...

The Connector

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The energy of The Connector is where you feel naturally at home and, when skilfully leveraged, will become the most potent magnet that effortlessly draws in your soulmate clients on social media.

Here's what being the Connector means

You have the amazing potential for nurturing heart-centered relationships. Your knack for facilitating communities & helping your clients with transmuting their patterns is why they love you – your capacity to move beyond surface-level conversations and into the deep stuff, while holding a nourishing space for the unearthing of unexpressed emotions. Your superpower lies in your emotional intelligence, and your presence to empathetically listen and receive others. At your most Magnetic Self, your soothing-yet-captivating voice and healing energy attract your audience, as you make a stand for their greatness without having to ‘rescue’ them from their personal challenges.

You tick off all the boxes:




You’re Oprah-Winfrey-level devoted and sincere – no stranger to being the #1 cheerleader for your clients and facilitating breakthroughs for others in ways that words can’t fully encapsulate. Nurturing satisfied & thriving clients is the lifeblood of your coaching practice.

It’s true: the world needs more people like you.

So, where’s the engaged audience you deserve? They don’t know you exist yet… YET. But we can easily change that.

Because, speaking of Oprah Winfrey, or anyone who’s built a brand, movement, or business bigger than they ever thought possible…

…no one starts with a flock of hot audience.

You see, the pitfall of coaches who ONLY rely on the relatable & emotional nature of The Connector to create content can appear ‘forgettable’ or ‘friend-like.’

So, it makes sense that they unwittingly put on a hero/helper persona in their content. To avoid becoming invisible, The Connector reinforces their individuality by positioning themselves as the ‘hero’ who stands up and saves the day, even if this is unintentional.

Their attempt to share stories of trials & tribulations manifests in the form of content that resembles journal entries with no clear value communicated. When The Connector isn’t clear about their unique contribution & gifts, they end up wanting to “help” everyone by being relatable to all, even if the people they try to help aren’t an ideal fit for their transformative gifts.

Instead of standing out, their ‘diluted’ message causes them to become even more invisible, thus repressing their natural magnetism & voice, and perpetuating the nagging feeling of not being received and valued when creating content. (At the heart of it all, The Connector desires to have a specific kind of person whom they can confidently write content for, so that they feel listened to and recognized for their incredible intuitive gifts.)

In this case, when your audience reads your content, they feel safe opening up emotionally to you, but the frequency of your content positions you as a relatable friend-like therapist who hasn’t yet established her authority as a leader with valuable answers to problems that the right-fit audience deems worthy of their time, energy and resources to solve.

Because your audience desires to be held to their highest standard – as they are ushered out of their comfort zone to call in their next-level evolution – they do not feel confident yet, through the frequency of your message, that you can provide an internally & externally transformative service, one that potently harmonizes loving compassion AND the forward momentum to achieve results. This is ultimately the DEAL BREAKER that can make potential clients decide against working with you, even though you know you deserve to be making an even bigger impact with your purpose-driven message.

Given all of this… Confidently creating content that resonates, builds the trust factor, and activates an audience into movement feels like an uphill battle for the coach whose primary superpower is The ConnectorThis becomes their bottleneck which inevitably leads to burnout, even before they discover the process of creating magnetic content that not only powerfully communicates the value of their life experiences & knowledge, but also emotionally connects with their audience.

Thankfully, integrating the superpower of The Connector – empathetic, emotionally intelligent, and nurturing – in a way that powerfully attracts a captive audience is nowhere as tedious as producing The Oprah Winfrey Show. I’m here to hand you the formula to make it happen.

Feeling Impatient?

Why is building a binge-worthy AND magnetizing content platform that attracts an engaged audience so important?

What I’m about to say might shock you…

The foundation for your online business isn’t your website, the perfect logo, professional images, or even your offers…

It’s your audience! Nothing is possible without them. No sales. No lives changed. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.

This is why while you’re busy figuring out all the moving pieces in your business, you need to seriously prioritize building a relationship with your audience by ADDING VALUE to them through your content.

When you have an engaged audience that trusts you, not only will you get your knowledge, story, and gifts out there in a way that feels aligned to you and your community, you also have OPTIONS:

Attracting more people to your lead magnet!

This grows your email list – the traffic which you actually OWN. For every $1 spent on email, the average ROI is $44! When your content is so good, people are naturally inclined to find out what you have to offer. An audience member on your email list means direct access to their attention in a noisy world where we're constantly bombarded with ads!

Inviting more people to enquire about your coaching

Great content isn't just creative. It attracts a cold lead, nurtures a warm audience, and converts them into being HOT prospects. AWESOME content does the 'heavy lifting' for you. Hate draining energy on sales calls with people who are forever on the fence? When you have rockstar content, people move because they are already convinced.

Changing more lives, with more people saying yes to your offers!

Running a free webinar or challenge that give people a taste of what's working with you like? Selling an entry-level offer to introduce them to your world where the magic happens? Then let your content be the segue to your offers! Your content is almost always FIRST point of contact that your soulmate client has with you. Leave an impression on them.

Unlocking more invitations to exclusive interviews

You stand out when your content is relatable, unique and empowering. Not only does it make a hot audience move, it also attracts OPPORTUNITIES to be interviewed as a thought leader. This means networking opportunities and increased visibility for your brand! This amplifies your magnetism and you get to shine radiantly on your authentic AF stage!

Now that you know WHY building an engaged audience through a magnetic content platform is so important, let’s move on to HOW.

The Secret to Igniting Your Content and Attracting An Engaged Audience

In order for the superpower of The Connector to be fully expressed and recognized by your soul-aligned audience, there are 2 other superpowers that must be integrated as they are the Hidden Keys to unlocking the magnetism of your content & brand. 

When you activate and integrate all 3 superpowers – The Catalyst, The Guide, and The Connector – you ignite your FULL potential, unlock your unique brilliance & expression, get your fire-in-the-belly message out there, elevate the world with regulated nervous systems, and amplify the raw authentic power of your gifts, so that you can make an impact with your influence and create TRUE change from the inside out.

You start attracting the right people, who recognize your genius, who trust your ability as an incredible coach to facilitate their deepest transformation, and who are solidly connected to you and your mission.

You are effortlessly seen by the right people as Inspirational, Aspirational and Credible.

To create magnetic content which allows you to attract more people to your lead magnets, coaching & offerings, and to unlock more opportunities like exclusive interviews (because you’re recognized for your expertise), the holistic integration of these 3 superpowers is crucial.

This is the key to becoming and staying magnetic.

When you ignite this process and go deeper with the Magnetic Content Formula

...the combined strengths of these 3 superpowers is overwhelming.

Something incredible gets unleashed.

It's called...


Magnetic Attractor Effect

Want the step-by-step process to make this happen?

You’re in the right place. Keep reading!

Your Keys to Magnetic Content

When your confusion turns to clarity and the path to an attractive content platform takes shape

When you unlock your Client Magnets in Your Human Design...

  • You unleash your unique magnetism and say goodbye to tiptoeing around your sacred genius
  • You become the standout choice that your audience wants to learn from
  • You go from burning yourself out from working with clients you don’t fully love (but “they pay the bills”) to calling in next-level clients whom you’ll want to date & be BFFs with

When you get your knowledge out there and communicate the value of your life experiences...

  • You conserve energy on marketing for living your purpose while new enquiries to work with you roll in. This is my Secret Sauce to attracting potential clients and having them ASK for my offer without me having to ‘sell’ (because they’re already convinced)
  • You ditch analysis paralysis and have clarity on what & when to post, confidently create scroll-stopping content, and be seen as the person uniquely qualified to guide your soulmate clients
  • You master communicating the tangible value of your intuitive gifts, depth & knowledge, so that your offer becomes indispensable to your soul-aligned clients

When you create hot content that creates DEMAND for content you'll charge for...

  • Your audience gets magnetized to your passion that’s felt through your result-yielding content, an effortless by-product of your love & excitement!
  • Your authenticity ignites fire-in-the-belly empowerment & courage in your Soul Client to answer their heart’s calling – this gets your audience to MOVE
  • You master the art of creating irresistible invitations, so that you can powerfully serve your people and create a ripple effect with your message!

Now that you know you’re just 3 keys away from unlocking your magnetic platform with hot content that gets your Soulmate Client to raise their hands and say HELL YES to working with you…

...are you ready to get the formula to Unlock Your Unique Magnetism, Activate Your Gifts, and Ignite Your Content Today, so that you can start attracting the right people already coded to learn from you?

If you said "Hell Yes!"

You're my kind of Attractor

But first, a note from me…

I’m so happy you took this quiz because it shows that even a teensy tiny fraction of you believes you can create a magnetic content platform following a path that harmonizes both your unique energetic imprint and a proven content strategy. Spoiler alert: you totally can!

I teach purpose-driven transformational coaches like you how to write magnetic content, copy and messaging, without inauthentic marketing strategies. Everything I share is based on my background as a binge & emotional coach and 7 years of marketing experiences.

But make no mistake. Although it is true that content creation is my jam, many of what I am sharing with you today are totally learnable skills. When I first started coaching, I was where you are today — with a dream and the willingness to put one foot in front of the other to make an impact with my influence and create TRUE change from the inside out. I go deeper into my backstory in the Magnetic Content Formula.

Your quiz results are designed to give you a hearty dose of clarity and inspiration. All you have to do is follow through. Don’t worry – I’m here in the trenches with you.

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt— you’ve got this, Magnetic Attractor!


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My #1 Secret to Creating Content That Resonates

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